If you missed my Hawke's Bay Today (NZME) advertisement I reproduce it here for your edification/enlightenment.

A recent Leighton Smith podcast on 1ZB (NZME) 11th September 2019 is devoted entirely to an interview of Dr Tim Ball to whom I am proud to have hitched my wagon.

Bringing a touch of reality to the unthinking dialogue that is repeated - from our schools to our media.

Vote for a change in thinking!

Vote for John Smith

John Smith

His 2016 book Human Caused Global Warming - The biggest deception in history can be purchased from on line vendor Fishpond.

A highly recommended investment at modest cost as an antidote to the constant saturation climate emergency chant.

Richard Lindzen has retired, so it seems he can 'say it' as he sees it.

But if you would rather hear him:

Prof Richard Lindzen speaks at the 2018 Annual GWPF Lecture