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A Country Boy – you can take the boy out of the country but not vice versa.

First 19 years raised on a lifestyle 3ha country property in Poverty Bay. Deemed in 1956 to be too “brainy” to be in either the industrial or agriculture courses at high school rather determined around half my working life which hasn't finished yet. Your vote could change that – not work, just the arena.

Earlier this year spent 6 months in orchard work again - great for fitness and social interaction

In the 1970s spent an intense 4 years in party politics and the consequence was could not see a repeat. Happily ensconced in fluoride free Napier, drinking Raw Milk from a nearby farm/shop, back working in the country after taking leave of my last desk job at the ripe old age of 55 then events took a turn in 2011.

MAF Public Discussion Paper No. 2011/11 Proposals for continuing to legally provide for farm gate sales of raw drinking milk. If you recognise the Hegelian Dialectic (thesis – antithesis - synthesis) known to me since the 1970's, this paper was a classic example. Raise non problem then write a proposal which becomes a problem (but oh we'll solve it if you believe us).

Being pre-election time its release was interesting (strategic?). Seeing a Federated Farmers hosted candidate's forum advertised for Hastings (9 sitting MPs or aspiring candidates from as far south as Invercargill) seemed too good an opportunity to miss and time to put on my Moleskins and get back on the political horse (albeit from the audience) for first time since 1978.  

Meeting was Chaired by then Fed Farm President Bruce Wills (at one stage invited me to be seated and quiet to which I responded with a hint of sarcasm “this is a political meeting isn't it Mr Wills”.

Found that none of the 9 panel had any knowledge of the paper but that crowd left a bit better informed. What with after event conversations with representatives of 4 parties and an urging to join Fed Farm, my car was the last to leave.

My raw milk submission flowed from my keyboard shortly thereafter. But my handiest supplier closed up the raw side subsequently when the regulations became too onerous. Thankfully some of my grandchildren situated geographically elsewhere are still recipients and in fact Raw Milk is delivered and in glass bottles.

Other submissions, seminar attendances etc under the health/nutrition genre continued to pop up but this essay is framed to culminate in activity over last two months relating to the untenable climate emergency declarations, zero carbon legislation and where to from here.    

Hawke's Bay Today 18th July carried a report "Emissions Tax on Farms gets Closer." Panoramic shot with Bruce Wills, no longer officially a big shot in Fed Farm but Chairman of Apiculture New Zealand. This just two days after I had fired off my one page submission on the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment bill.

My response to 18th July item was published by HBT next morning.

Then the M.f.E. roadshow “Action on Agricultural Emissions” hit town 30 July and a friend and I greeted attendees outside the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre resplendent with sandwich boards featuring the 3 books shown under HBRC matters. An attendee leaving before dashing to Te Pania, said (politely enough) we could have attended the meeting. Taking the “challenge” to mean “could learn something” I next day went to the roadshow in my old hometown Gisborne. Many more obvious farmers there and 20 minutes in the misinformation, realised by others too, became too much and I walked out in protest. A film shown during that 20 minute slot was infantile. And we pay these departments to produce this stuff!? Got to stop.

Reportedly there were 10,000 submissions to the Bill and 1500 desired to be heard  Guessed this would result in 5 minute speaking time. I was offered a telephone slot to Wellington and declined in favour of a personal appearance in Hamilton late afternoon 5th September. The fireworks had been in the morning I was informed by a few who were still there in afternoon but who resonated with my 5 minutes. Hence I left with details of the David Lloyd submission advertised in the Waikato Times on 3rd September and am pleased to include here.

As in Gisborne the Waikato excursion confirmed there are still farmers that have backbone.  

The first chapter, 'Climate Change – The facts 2017' which Professor Peter Ridd wrote, ended his long tenure with James Cook University at Townsville for Questioning "Climate Science."  

A Federal Circuit Court Justice on Friday 6th September awarded Ridd $A1.2M in compensation - see  here.

Heard or read about the case in or on NZ MSM? - I know why not.

Have you worked it out yet?

The final guest chapter is penned by noted writer and broadcaster Clive James. Does he hit the nail on the head when he writes “Totalitarianism takes over a state at the moment when the ruling party is taken over by its secretariat... Rule by bureaucracy favours mediocrity...”?

Increasingly apparent to me that departments have long ago been “captured” and only sensible, knowledgeable representatives at both local and national level plus weight of public opinion can turn this around.

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