Lockup Lunacy

and exploring other diabolical intent

Bringing a touch of reality to the unthinking dialogue

that is repeated - from our schools to our media.

Time for a change in thinking!

John Smith - making sense of the dogma

If you've been living under a rock (my description for getting your news exclusively from TV Radio and Newspapers) in recent times (or essentially all your life) then what is about to unfold if you stay with me may come as a shock but better that than fear which dictates the thinking of so many at this time and is detrimental to health as shown by epigenetics.

Start by reading this PDF from Harmony Consultants - of what you might perceive as an unusual man - A Yorkshireman fluent in German with his finger on the pulse in both countries and indeed much of the world.

Originally accessed from his latest article on Bolen Report - (perhaps read this first).

This video gives you another aspect of the man and his guest Karma Singh interviews Feli Popescu

Repulsed or ready for more? I'll tell you my story as the incidental references I will include go to explain why I am repulsed by and oppose what is being imposed on the world at this time. The scales really dropped from my eyes in 1974 soon after I turned 31.

The last humanitarian NZ (don't confuse with "humanist") Prime Minister Norman Kirk had died 31st August and a by-election was underway. Working in a Hamilton law firm at the time I would quite often read the Waikato Times before walking to my home on the other side of the river. I was obviously ready for the monetary reform message and as I came through the door exclaimed to my wife "these are the only people telling it as it is". The rest of that story is for another time and forum


But this soon brought me in touch with three Waikato residents I still freely acknowledge as mentors. They were in the same age bracket then as I am now. Two were retired farmers who had vivid memories of the 1930s depression and one proffered the sage advice "beware the trained mind". The third had perhaps been a trained mind but Eva Hill had long since broken the shackles.

Prior to introducing myself to Dr Hill I had read World Without Cancer (1975) by G Edward Griffin which started to open my eyes to the blatant skulduggery that is allopathic medicine beginning in 1911 by the Rockefeller sponsored "Flexner Report".

Now that Rocky name lingers on (still up to their skulduggery) and the same man (Ed Griffin) is still around to expose such as this 2010 production which shows this scamdemic was planned long time ago.

This is a reproduction of a F William Engdahl article of 10 March;

The fact that it took until 2002 for me personally to finally turn the corner healthwise is testament to the power of propaganda. Bear in mind mid 70s until 2000 covers the period when the lies surrounding the American Healthy Eating pyramid held sway to a greater extent than it does now. And another factor which puts us in the realm of the 51st state of the US of A is that NZ and USA are the only countries that permit direct to consumer advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals. 

Whilst not the first or only source that helped me turn that corner I have found the Weston A Price Foundation a generally reliable source of information. Therefore gratifying during April to locate videos by the founder and still President Sally Fallon Morell and her now Vice President Dr Thomas Cowan speaking out on the topic.

Tom Cowan (WAPF Board member) presentation Sally Fallon Morell WAPF founder

But perhaps even better explanation and expose by Dr Andrew Kaufman - perhaps should be at the top!!

Why am I supporting this line of thinking and when did it start? When nearly everyone "believes" in virus contagion?

As is usual in my semi retired stage in life I return to the orchards and work in an extenday team during the apple harvest. This year started on 5th March and as this hysteria built was witness to others I worked with glued to smart phones, listening to radio and what was on the TV previous night dominated conversation. As a reader of two newspapers each day and possessed of a PC for last 25 years I was not oblivious to the "news" but did not join in the daily obsession. Some years ago on a website of encyclopedic proportions the creation of a Brit John Scudamore I came across turned me on to logic.

Don't let scamming websites like Quackwatch put you off Scudamore.

I perused the 2007 book Virus Mania from the same site when it was still available there for many years as a pdf (now gone). A hardback of this book arrived 26th March (timely - first day of lock down) - took 2 weeks from Australia via Fishpond. The website of one of the authors Torsten Engelbrecht  has also been hacked, particularly the Deutsch alternative

Found the information convincing. Tallied with a lot of health related literature acquired over the years as I have steadily built up a substantial library. The information parked way in back of mind and fear of "viruses" if ever harboured in my thinking was nullified and whenever the latest virus related scam surfaced I ignored. But this one can't be ignored as it has evil designs and shapes to be the home run to impose tyranny on the world's population.

Finally one of the extenday team asked me at the lunch table "what is your take on the corona virus John?". My immediate response was "scam - there is no such thing as a virus and time for a T Shirt emblasoned with "COVID19 SCAM". After that relationships became a little strained and of course as the lock down came quickly no time to find a Tshirt printing shop open.

The following email to Napier MP Stuart Nash tells what happened next:

Greetings Minister,

You are a resident of the Napier Constituency area of the HBRC. As such I have to flatter myself and have some expectation that as a responsible elector you would have gleaned from the candidates booklet that I was a 2019 candidate and the owner of this website.

A page therein reveals two internet sourced programmes I recommend.

Have just this morning finished watching the latest episode of UKC which broadcasts in the UK at 1pm local.

Similar mindless shut down in the UK to what is now underway here so I urge you to view. As far as I know there is no similar independent news source and analysis in NZ.

The shut down (in reality a "coup"?) with its justification based on misinformation piled on misinformation will do immense damage to the social fabric of this country and I urge a serious rethink. As a member of cabinet your culpability for this unwise action must to a degree exceed that of the run of the mill back bencher.

As of 6-30pm last evening my annual orchard seasonal job was ceased by a phone call from a member of staff conveying the decision of a higher up. On Monday I and the other +70 in the gang were given the option of making our own decision and both without hesitation opted to stay. We are both in robust health and good at our jobs but anyway that is a matter for sorting in the future. 

Just mention, as it means I will have more time for challenging irresponsible government decisions and as my MP you are first on the list.

Just in as well is the latest blog of Jon Rappoport the essay headed re media dragons - now whilst I might have a differing view on the role of Pres. Trump the rest of the essay is spot on.

So that is UK and the USA - now finally Denmarks Prof Peter Gotzsche the author of many books. The one I have (and I have been to listen to him) is Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime.

Well past time for MPs to listen to ordinary citizens with extraordinary knowledge and seek to emulate. The advice of so called experts is frequently perilous and destructive and none more so than in the field of health. Oh, and monetary policy

My purpose in posting this page is to create a resource where anyone who has doubts as to the veracity of the Covid story as spun and spun and spun and its ultimate design has a place to start their own research and journey. I get numerous newsletters and have knowledge of many websites that identify the misinformation that abounds to fuel the fear factor and perilous state we have entered with the final assault being vaccination. Yet isn't the decisive counter to the lie to challenge the very existence of a virus which we are told is contagious? I invite you to do the research. The numbers who are embracing the exosome explanation is growing but I will leave you with the task to do the research yourself and take such action as seen fit.

Just as I finish this resource one of my subscriptions turns up with this resource. Some I have already referenced but there is much more on this page here - Go for it!

And not forgetting the climate change emergency scam that motivated me in 2019 Mark Morano author of one of my recommended books keeps abreast of both subjects at this site.

Have Arthur's book on order too as some commentators that I trust are referring to it.

Do you appreciate that those who would control us do not wish us to be informed?