Letters, published and unpublished, in HawkesBayToday

24th August (not published)

On 18 October 2019 under the tutelage of John Hopkins University (Centre for Health Security) and sponsored by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF) a 5 hour exercise of a so-called pandemic was acted, filmed and released on the internet. The simulation was dubbed Event 201 and if you didn't know you could take it for what started to transpire within 6 weeks and is still unfolding similar to script.

The participants labelled the "Emergency Epidemic Board" were actual people from major banks, the UNO, Gates Foundation, vaccine maker Johnson and Johnson (the subject of multi million dollar damages awards for the carcinogenic effect of talc containing baby powder) and others. So they weren't "crisis actors"

January 2019 PM Ardern was a participant in the annual WEFat Davos in Switzerland and there she was photographed for posterity with Bill and Melinda Gates either side of her. Just search "photographs of WEF 2019" in a reliable search engine and you will find pages of them. The 2021 theme for Davos just over 4 months hence is "The Great Reset". Now where have we heard that phraseology before?

The Minister of Health and others have been pretty free lately with the ad hominem phrase "conspiracy theory" and I have no doubt in the state of constant confusion as a result of ever changing information and recommendations eg the merits of masks there are claims out there which are not accurate. I personally don't live in the social media world.

I just relay facts. Make of it what you will. This is right in our faces as seems to have been intended. Oh, and most seem to be reacting just as the script was composed including the PM. Clever people, these scripters or just one uncanny coincidence?