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I have read the books depicted on this page, and more, which means your voting for me puts someone at the table who not only has the books but follows the advice, rather than the profit motive which drives so much of todays medical intervention.

In this video Ivor Cummins interviews Dr William Davis Cardiologist - bit techy in places but well worth watching for simple inexpensive health changes.

February 2014 attended the first 'locarbnz seminar' in Auckland (Prof Grant Schofield of AUT an organiser).

Tasmanian Orthopaedic Surgeon Gary Fettke a memorable speaker.

His subsequent trials and tribulations are well covered and helpful information revealed in the following 2019 interviews.

Ivor Cummins interviews Gary and wife Belinda Fettke

Paul Saladino MD interviews Gary

If you were stimulated by the Fettke interviews Belinda's research is here

When I heard Gary speak in 2014 (before the SHTF) I knew I had heard someone special but couldn't then know what Belinda was to later research and reveal.

My paternal grandfather (3rd Pakeha child born in Waipawa) was a host to Ellen G White when she toured NZ in the 1890s. Years later grandfather converted my mother the end result being she was gone when I was 8 years old.

That probably saved me from being a lifelong adherent to the White dietary regime.

I used to wonder why the Healthy Eating Pyramid (which I got completely away from in 2002) mimicked what I knew was essentially the E G White diet.

Belinda and Gary's research closes the circle.

Thanks also to Zoe (Wales) and Marika (South Africa) - quite au fait with both

And the UNIPCC madness wants us to stop eating meat to "save the planet"?

Manifestly dangerous dogma.

It's the ruminants farmed appropriately that build the soil on which we depend.