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Human Caused Global Warming - the biggest deception in history - says the latest book of Dr Tim Ball. Astounding Council declared a Climate Emergency. I seek a mandate for my priority to rescind that nonsensical stance as a basis for future policy. The social manipulators at UNIPCC and central government level (the seemingly never ending band wagon) will keep promoting the deception until they too are thrown out.

The holistic farming methods of Allan Savory, Joel Salatin (attended his seminar in Havelock North 2011) and as adopted at Mangarara Station resonate with me as they should with you. Protects our environment, conserves and purifies water and is sustainable (the soil biome can be likened to the human microbiome – must be healthy to sustain life).

Member: Weston A Price Foundation, Soil & Heaalth Association NZ, Fluoride FreeNZ, Grey Power Napier

Grandfather of 8 with the time and the focus.

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Profile statement of John Clive SMITH for Hawkes Bay District Health Board

Recall Living Proof (Allan Smith survival story) 60 Minutes TV3 August 2010 Family insistence and belatedly the therapeutic use of high dose intravenous vitamin C (IVC). After that reveal reasonable people would have expected its wholesale adoption as mainline intensive treatment.

Benefits known since ascorbic acid discovered by Dr.Albert Szent-Gyorgi in the 1930s (Nobel Prize 1937) When can we all benefit?

Let us put more District into DHB – demand its use in HB. Local democracy at work.

Substantial submissions on Raw Milk 2011, Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment bill 2017 and Mental Health & Addiction Inquiry 2018. Along with another grandfather brought movie Vaxxed to HB 2017.

Personally LoCarbHiFat since 2002 and living/loving the results.

Member: Weston A Price Foundation, Soil & Health Association NZ, Fluoride FreeNZ, Grey Power Napier.