Climate Emergency

and so it goes on

Climate change activists also got it wrong, Polar Bears did not portray a climate emergency.

See here!

Inconvenient Truth turned out to be a Convenient Lie and the rest of the fabric has moth holes.

Old bears die, there is no avoiding that!

You've been lied to - Ice melts in the summer!

Bringing a touch of reality to the unthinking dialogue that is repeated - from our schools to our media.

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John Smith

I have read the books depicted on this page which leave no doubt that Climate Change and its local manifestation at Regional Council (climate emergency) is based on a long running scam.

A recent excellent interview with Marc Morano (author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change)

How to Destroy the Climate Change Hoax

Pushed for time? Watch this less than 4 minute excerpt You'll want to make time to come back and get the rest.