You've been lied to - Ice melts in the summer!

To the former I responded and was not published:

HB Hospital Chaplains hosting D-G Bloomfield. Makes me recall Hos 4:6 introduces the concept that "people perish for lack of knowledge". And Mt 15:14 introduces the concept "blind leaders of the blind both falling in the ditch". Presumably the Chaplains believe Bloomfield is possessed of and has been promoting saving (in a health sense) knowledge and he isn't a blind leader of the blind. I don't.

In the 1960s the KGB did some pertinent psychological experiments and learned that if you bombard humans with nonstop fear messages, in two months or less most are completely brainwashed to believe the false message. Then no amount of clear information they are shown, to the contrary, can change their mind. Was this not what was effectively practised in most of the world and here in the form of PM Ardern and Bloomfield?  Who believes Drosten (Germany), Ferguson (UK) and Fauci (USA) for example? Last Thursday in the only time I have watched TV news in two years there was Fauci and for good measure another charlatan touting the so called "safe and effective" vaccine

During the period of brainwashing via fear that started about this time in 2020 I have added significant books to my library that reinforced my conviction we were being scammed.

Notable is The Contagion Myth (Skyhorse Publishing 2020) The authors Thomas Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell are incidentally the Vice President and Founding President of the excellent Weston A Price Foundation. Perhaps the most significant recommendation of this book is Amazon refused to stock it. Censorship at its best.

To the latter I have responded (will it be published?):

Interesting to research Leigh-Marama McLachlan (Whanganui roots) and peruse the hundreds of photos associated with her reportage (particularly Radio NZ as well as NZME and The Spinoff). The former as well as TV has largely been off my radar for years as increasingly unreliable. Said reporter has got it right on cannabis, "The Sacred Plant",  which I publicly maintained in these columns years ago should never have ever been criminalised. Leigh-Marama must have done her research into cannabis history (I am more interested in its medical application) but she fails dismally when composing a propaganda piece promoting "the jab".

Two NZ women much more reliable re "covidiocy" are Dr Samantha Bailey (Christchurch) and Sue Grey (Nelson Solicitor) but then their contributions during this supposed "pandemic" do not gel with the MOH narrative and hence would be unacceptable to this publication. Sue's 31st March open letter to the PM, DG of Health and others (available online) is a must read. As in other countries the legal route to attempt to undo total government overreach (and hold the parties accountable) is being pursued this way.

For more than a year now my MP (as a member of Cabinet) has been on notice that I hold him culpable for irrational government decisions. He has failed to read Virus Mania publicly presented to him on 1st October 2020 and a recent response to my email reminder states that he considers my views to be "dangerous and socially irresponsible". Such is the typical response of those on the government bandwagon instead of the knowledgewagon.