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What I watch on screen:

These days hardly ever watch NZ TV and when I did it was usually just the news to see what we are meant to believe and to know where many people get their mis/information.

Country Calendar was usually good value but this year haven't been making time.

So this is where the internet and in particular You tube has become the source of two programmes I do not miss.

UK Column or use the search box on you tube.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday NZ time

The HighWire (THW) or again use the you tube search box.

Weekly – new programme available live at 7am Friday morning NZ time. And shortly after the approximately 90 minute programme concludes it is available as a recording.

UKC (UK column) is largely world news that you will not see on MSM in this country or the overseas MSM news channels.  

THW is the production of Del Bigtree outlining the corruption and the revealing movie Vaxxed and keeps you abreast of developments (largely in the USA) in relation to mandated vaccination and the fight back against Pharma eg the opioid epidemic.


Dr Sam Bailey (NZ)  refuting the "fact checkers" Real good BMJ (British Medical Journal) on Operation Moonshot featuring Dr Andrew Kaufman discussing Operation Moonshot.